I love toys! P. keeps joking on the fact that I can still play with toys and actually love doing it! It’s something really deep in my personality I PLAY!

Childish or not, I strongly believe that Play is mostly ignored force behind most of our behaviors, so much, that we almost always ignore how we learn to do stuff, simply by playing, with an object or as in a role. Sometime ago I even wrote a presentation, entitled Playful Interfaces, where I suggested we should apply game like rules to the design of interfaces, check it out if this interests you, those are just some rough ideas anyway.

Today I came across Frantz Lasorne vision on the future of toys, in this case augmented toys:

Debatable or not, this video makes me think and dream about the endless possibilities, how even the most remote child won’t need to play alone anymore, and how interesting playing might become!


If you’d like to read a bit more, Frantz has put up a site with more info on his vision on future toys.