next.pngShare Economy is the theme for the upcoming NEXT conference in Hamburg this may, and two days ago, I’ve come to know what’s probably one of the best examples of this shared future that is shape as we speak. Next speakers list is more than impressive and they managed to round up people like Jyri Engeström (Jaiku Co-Founder, no Google), Steve Rubel, Anil Dash (Six Apart), Charlie Schick (Nokia Conversations), Ian Forrester (BBC Backstage), Lane Becker (Get Satisfaction), Henriette Weber (ToothlessTiger) and a whole lot more!

Co-working , ‘a cafe-like community/collaboration space for developers, writers and independents’ is probably one of the best example of shared economy, a group of people get together to create a communal space of work, where far from sharing only space and expenses they end up sharing a whole lot more, their time and knowledge, a valuable asset in todays economics.

Henriette Weber, who happens to be a speaker at NEXT and a long time friend as well a SHiFT organizer as well, crazy as she is, decided to take the Co-Working space to the next level, where in next level one can actually read new territories, in this case, the Sea, or at least any decent sized river! 😉

And so the ‘PAN’ co-working project begun!


Henriette and her Husband Thomas have engaged in the recovery of an old family boat, to create the first mobile co-working space, the idea is for the boat to wonder around Europe, providing a unique co-working space.

Henriette is now searching for people who might wanna contribute to this project, so contact her to get to know a bit more about it and how you may help!

I think the idea totally rocks, by I’m always jumping on crazy causes, so this can just be the latest one! Picking up where Henriette started I just suggested that we complemented this with a co-working BUS, all refurbished to allow for people to use it while traveling! Crazy isn’t it?

Well, if you’d like to know more about the PAN co-working space and review Henriette presentation “Why every company should be a rockband“, just set your calendars to visit NEXT this may!