We’re all under flooded and overwhelmed by advertisement, so everyone of us have developed different ways to address the problem, some called the ad-blindness, others advertising counter measures, some more conscious others not so much, but in the end they all resume to forms of ignoring advertising…

At this point I need to say that it has worked rather well for me, nevertheless yesterday I was caught by surprise with a campaign by Apple on NYTimes. Strangely the AD was pretty normal, no fancy graphics, no key images, just the same two guys they’ve been running for a while. What caught my attention was how somehow their behavior didn’t make sense, until I finally noticed that the campaign was run over multiple AD tiles on one same webpage!

Brilliant I tweeted!

Although the quality, immersion and interaction is completely different I managed to record a small video from it, just to be able to mention it here:

Back, while, when I was still working at SAPO I realized that stupidly running regular advertisements is much simpler and require less work than to actually plan and deliver a successful campaign, it’s not the same to say that the more money you spend, the more results you’d get (that’s yet another problem!), in a sense that if a company really need to put out their message, and especially in this times of financial burdens it requires to be a step ahead and in this case by being ingenious and deeply smart!