The Cube was invented in 1974, two years before I was even born, but I still remember watching TV programs where people would challenge themselves to be the fastest person to solve the Cube.

I’m a fan, no big news there! It’s a fact, Ernö Rubik cube is one of the most popular and infuriating toys of all time.

rubik360.jpegSo today I’m actually shocked to see that more than 30 years later, Ernö comes up with Rubik 360, a sphere designed to break us all (or at least get us more sleepless nights)!

It’s simple:

Six Coloured Balls – Three Transparent Spheres – Only One Solution

I’m particularly fascinated with it because of the fact that Ernö actually introduced physics into the puzzling equation. It’s now needed not only to master the complex puzzle rules but also to take Gravity into account when solving it!

While reading about it (yes, I’m still trying to get my hands on one!) I couldn’t help hearing echoes of Steven Johnson book’Everything Bad Is Good for You‘ where he presented the idea of how we as society have evolved so much in terms of complexity in the last generations, that the things that attract us today are getting more and more complex by the day.

Argg.. there goes my productivity!