Seems that great design is all about creating a bond between shape, product and end-users!

Coca-cola is one of the most renowned brands all over the world, but isn’t prune to the fact that it’s user base seems to be increasingly moving away from it’s core business: the carbonate sodas! Their response comes in the form of the new Coke’s Freestyle fountain machine:

I’m sure that in a near future we’ll probably find machines like this pretty much everywhere and not just for drinks. But I’m delighted with the overall ideas that went behind this project:

The fountain features a vast array of beverage choices, apparently more than a hundred, which means CUSTOMIZATION! It allows local merchants to tailor the selection of drinks to fit the peculiar tastes and wishes of their customers.

It’s set to use a new, smaller syrup packaging. Coke has one of the biggest, if not the biggest supply chain in the word, therefore savings at this level are good for everyone on this planet, plus less space means a lot more variety in the machines!

As every other 21 century machine, it needs to be connected! The new fountain features an onboard computer allowing for seamless and remote monitoring, it’s the dream come true for all marketeers and supply chain managers, the perfect tool for data mining customers behaviors.

In a world about to see the end of mass production and the return of customized, local goods, it’s very interesting to see Coke joining the ranks of other companies aiming to simplify our user experience but still get a high quality service and product by redefining the way we interact with these machines.

Oh well, I’ll probably need for a while to be able to test one back here in Europe, but I confess I’m eager to test one…