I really believe that our current model of living is ultimately doomed, I feel we have too much and most of all we wast too much. Maybe it has been the reading of books like “End of progress” or “Hungry city” (thank you Igor!), but this post an the readings from the past week have been utterly shaped by my recent family losses and the need to find some meaning to much of what happens around me and the way I imagine my future. A few days ago, I managed to see some old footage recorded by my parents when I was about 3… I loved it, I cried, but apart from that one thing I noticed was how happy they were we far less than we consider essencial today, they weren’t poor, they had plenty for the times they lived in, but somehow they seemed to enjoy more.

Ever since the organization of the first SHiFT one of our key mottos have been that we already have plenty of technology, we’re just not doing enough with it, we’re constantly looking at the next big thing, forgetting and not valuing what we have today… feels strange when put like this, but just look around you and imagine how many people go without access to basic technology, does it need to be like that?

Today I came across a project entitled Earth 2.0 which seems to a step into raising awareness that we do need indeed to do more. The video combines some rather interesting and futuristic statements of innovative and to me far sighted individuals. Earth 2.0 seems to have it’s sole purpose around a message of sustainability, a movement for change, a path to the future. So I’m rather curious to see upcoming updates to it… let’s see 😉