In a time when the urban population has outpaced the one living in rural environments, our cities although a marvelous achievement (think about the logistics and food provision systems that power up a city), they tend to be inefficient, slow and disconnected from the majority of their citizens.

Urbanflow proposition, a joint effort of Nordkapp and Urbanflow (founded by Adam Greenfield) aims to take advantage of urban screens as means to provide not just locally-oriented information (maps, points of interest, etc.) but also to provide a wide range of more generic information about the city (air quality, traffic, etc), converting what used to be a static snapshot of information into an interactive window towards the ins and outs the city.

I found here in Düsseldorf a very interesting example of a realtime sculpture – The Energy Pyramid which displays in realtime the amount of energy, gaz and warm water being consumed by the city.