It’s 8 am.

Millions of employees show up each day, to put their names on a register. The world we see around us… countries and continents, have been built on the back of these signatures. The future too, will be written by these signatures – signatures of employees.

You are an employee

Your boss is an employee

The cable guy is an employee

The overworked… the unsung

The white collared… the blue collared

The Father of a nation

Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters

Healers and protectors

The girl you will fall in love with

The graveyard shift veterans

Even Chief Executives

…actors, spot boys

Master-chefs and waitresses

…truth is we are all employees, putting our names on ideas that shape our world.

Truth is… every employee is a hero.

Enough said. Let’s go do what we all do best.

Let’s go to work.

Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy Delhi
Executive Creative Director: V Sunil
Creative: Akash Das and Sundar Iyer
Account Management: Tushar Mehta and Ankit Kumar
Director: Bharat Sikka
Production House: Flying Pigs Production