Meat is quite a personal topic to me, unfortunately for medical reasons I had to stop eating read meat and reduce my animal protein intake dramatically 12yrs ago, so I have a story around about it 🙂

It took me a while to get used to the idea, to balance my diet, I did like meat after all and for all I know, I still do. The balance found was something in between a diet based on fish, ocasional poultry but mostly as veggie as it can get.

Due to this journey I ended up reading and learning quite a lot about the impacts of food in our system, in particular the impacts of red meat. The condensed summary is not good, meat stress our body in ways we would even think about it, before hell is loose and you have a problem. Like all things I believe a balance diet is the right path, and if anyone can eat meat, they should do it, I would only advise to seriously moderate it’s quantity and presence on your daily diet.

It still buggs me that I can’t (or better shouldn’t) eat red meat, but in reality I feel much more healthier because since then and I believe its all about having an healthier diet altogether, which in my case doesn’t include red meat and I do make an effort to actually to think about what I eat.

If you happen to still think this is a crazy conversation, have a look at the infographic below for nice stats around red meat:

Eat Meat & Die
Created by: Online Associates Degree