Some days ago I’ve received an email from Plazes, it has been a while since we last heard of it. As expected the email stated the obvious: Nokia is closing down Plazes.

Plazes was the very first location aware service, it was substantially different from Foursquare, Gowalla and so many others that follow in between, but it has indeed been the first. I remember starting using it during Reboot after meeting Felix, using it in a competition style with the likes of Peter, Melo, André and a few others to see who would checkin first and create the plaze on system. It was fun, while it lasted.

Then came Nokia, picked up the project but failed to do anything meaningful to it.
Nothing new in this story… Probably I’ll received an email about yet another great trip service that went down the drain at Nokia.

In any case as I downloaded my data from the system I just decided to write down some of the key numbers from my user profile for posterity:

2,531 Days travelled together
57 Friends
39 Cities
72 Plazes
5288 Activities (aka checkins)

And as closing part a simple thank you to all three original Plazes team members: Stefan Kellner, Felix Petersen and Christoph Maire, you guys were indeed in the right time, on the right place and with the right team 😉

Thank you for Plazes, it rocked.