Living in the Clouds

Some weeks back I took this photo from the plane, while flying over london, at the time, this image stayed in my mind for a couple of days, it still is. Those are actual buildings coming out of the clouds and it just reminded me as a kid when we saw all those sci-fi cartoons/movies with people actually living above the clouds. No rain, always sunshine, to actually have a clean sky as an horizon everyday. It might turn out to be boring I’m sure, but the thing is that this vision is here, ok no flying, still bounded to it’s earth roots, but it’s here. And in may ways we just grow used to it and ignore it completely. We are living in the Future, just like William Gibson wrote:

“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed”

Why I thought about this today again? did I though about this today?

Well today I came across another amazing example: read the NTT Docomo (one of Japan’s largest mobile operators) press release where they announce a second large trial (10K users this time) of their Real Time Voice Interpretation/Translation Service:

Yes, exactly that, realtime translation over voice, one party talks in Japanese on one side of the line and on the other end, it comes out… English, Spanish, or whatever language the receiving device is configured to.

If this isn’t tottally out of a sci-fi film, hit me on the face…
I’m telling you we need to wake up, today is the future, not tomorrow!