UPDATE: the video of the presentation is now available here.

We’ve been riding on a wave of consumerism since the best part of last century, product of the industrial and services revolutions, the amount of products and services outpaced even the most wild thinkers. There’s just to much of everything! Choices are good, but hard to make!

Product features first, Product design next! This used to be the central thinking for developing new products and attached services, but clearly we’ve passed those days, so if it’s not about features, nor it’s design how do we create meaningful and attractive differentiation for our future products and services propositions?

This was the question that I worked to present at Service Design Conference this past monday.
I’m still writing the transcript of the presentation, but for those of you who can’t wait I’ve just uploaded the slides to slideshare:

Hopefully the presentation will help shade some light to all of those you still haven’t realized that they need a proper cross-channel, device, touch-points experience strategy. The presentation will give some insights on how we can tailor amazing experiences in order to create valuable futures from my personal experience and reading in the last couple of years.

Feel free to drop questions or comments below, it will be interesting to get to know your thoughts about this topics too.