Last week Caroline invited us to join her in a culture incursion to the Art Fair Cologne, of the many things that we saw (probably the best art show I’ve seen for a long time), there was a project that really caught our eyes. The images attached to this post, was our contribute to the “Face the Euro” art installation by Daniel Zakharov and Sebastian Hennig.

The crisis has broad repercussions in Europe. Bit by bit, it reveals the actual balance of institutions. The bubble has burst. Now everybody has soap in his eyes. The pendulum of credibility swings from institutions to the individual. As a symbol of our European community, the euro is on the scale and every single one of us carries weight. *FACE THE EURO* is one more milligram of motivation on the way to the next weight class for a common future.

The project deals with the relationship between man and money. We place the individual at the center by printing the faces of Europeans on the symbol of the crisis. Everybody has the opportunity to get portrayed and to add his or her own individualized five euro bill to the ever-growing installation. The project started with a three-day performance in Duesseldorf (DE) in July 2012, which gave the starting signal for a touring exhibition through Europe.

Face the Euro Making Of

Face the Euro was an instalation in the making, a critic, a call for open participation, open to everyone who wanted to get their mugshot into a 5 euro bill. It was hard to say no, so the four of us took up the challenge and put up the necessary smile!

The result is what you see below, four 5 euro bills featuring our faces for posterity!