I have to confess that I’m refreshingly surprised of how cool and clean the Alto Mail interface looks like. Mail has been with us for so long, but all the email apps are rather boring (not even to talk about incomplete like Mail.app). With this skin interface, you can access your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, and I cloud platforms, so in reality it’s yet and just another way to access your content, but it looks so nice and it’s actually very pleasurable to work with.

Funny fact about it, is the name itself, which seems to be a reference to Xerox Alto, one of the first non personal computers designed for individual use, developed at Xerox PARC in 1973 and the first to use the desktop metaphor and mouse-driven graphical user interface (GUI), cool reference hein? 🙂

Since it’s still in beta mode, meaning by invitation only (before anyone asks, there’s no invitations to give away, you have to register and wait I guess) I took a few screenshots for those who haven’t managed to get in yet and asked via Twitter yesterday.

There’s an interesting article about the project on Fast Company, if you wish to read a bit more about it.