Exactly 40 years ago on November 29, 1972, Atari (in case you don’t know was also one of the companies young Steve Jobs worked before he founded Apple) made the public announcement of their first (successful) video game – PONG

PONG wasn’t the first video game, but it was the first to make a lasting impression on an entire generation. Many today might not recall, but that simple, two-dimensional version of Ping-Pong, swept houses and arcades for years to come, introducing video games to the world and marking the beginning of the video game industry in the process.

PONG does have some firsts on it’s credits I believe, it combined simplicity with pure physics and was if not the first, one of the first truly social games! You could play agains a computer, but it was so much more fun to play against a second player!

So today as a celebration of this anniversary, take some minutes and relive the experience of playing PONG:

Enjoy! 😉