For the past 5 months I’ve been working on Vodafone Germany customer journeys, trying to understand that ticks their customers have when interacting with mobile, online and retail experiences, we called service or experience design.

Today I came across a video made for a clinic (see below) that brilliantly shoes how we try to see the world around the company, its services, products and above all what people expect and how they use them. I like being able to walk other persons shoes, but as this video shows, it’s far from easy, the fundamental thing is that each one of us even when sharing one same experience, inevitably end up having a very different view of it.

I see more and more people thinking like me, preaching for a more centered human, more attentive services, being them digital or not and how to marry the ones that cross the digital/non digitial frontier. The goal is to deliver experiences that are worth building and going through. I keep saying that I’m tired of half baked things, so so experiences..

Seeing this video today, made me realize that probably one of the reasons I do what I do, might have been with how I processed all the craziness of my own journey trough 2 years of life and death possibilities, of procedures and badly designed machinery. Scary constructs with little or no attention and regard for the human individual in front of them.

maybe that was it… maybe that the reason I like fixing experiences..
who knows..

Check the video, its a great example on how to showcase insights in a clear, understandable and empathetic way.