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Contextual Knowledge in Design+

Everytime that I sit down to design or review a product or service presentation, I often ask what what do...

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Less attention => new forms of Advertising+

We’re all under flooded and overwhelmed by advertisement, so everyone of us have developed different ways to address the problem,...

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Forms 101+

Finally I managed to put online the slides from the short presentation I gave 2 weeks ago at CodeBits 2008,...

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We used to call them users+

Yesterday I’ve assisted to the Conversas Unicer (an informal meeting organized and sponsored by Unicer a major beverage player in...

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SHiFT 2008+

It’s true, SHiFT is back!. We almost died on our first ’round’ in 2006 but we decided to do it...

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Retro Gamer Merchandise+

Trying to forget the high summer temperature outside, I just discovered this nice retro t-shirts and sweatshirts! Now i just...

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Advertising with Google Maps+

Don’t know if they (Google) have already thought of it, but on the other day while browsing trough their maps...

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Window Shopping+

According to a report I came across some days ago about hopping habits and their implications on the online merchants...

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