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Drone Aviary (Superflux 2015)+

We, our objects, our movement and actions, even our reactions all become part of a pervasive, omnipresent data based hyper...

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The mobile economy in 2013+

The full report presented an interesting view on the current mobile market trends, although very positive it’s impossible not to...

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Today is the future!+

Some weeks back I took this photo from the plane, while flying over london, at the time, this image stayed...

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Welcome to the Anthropocene+

Every living thing affects its surroundings. But humanity is now influencing every aspect of the Earth on a scale akin...

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Networked Society+

The impacts of the broadband, of internet, of being able to go online anytime, anywhere are still mostly unknown, so...

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(re)Thinking Cities+

Are cities our future or our doom? How will we, as individuals and as collective become more aware, more participative...

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A Day Made of Glass (2)+

I like this video and I like the touchscreen based interactions in it, do you? With iPhone 4, Apple showed...

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