PaperPulse: An Integrated Approach for Embedding Electronics in Paper Designs+

PaperPulse is like Photoshop for Interactive Paper

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Little Printer by BERG+

Somethings seem to have just been waiting for the right moment to be created, I think Little Printer by the...

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wi-GO is a project aimed to building a barrier-free society, it’s a robot system based on Microsoft sensor technology Kinect,...

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MUJI on iUniverse+

I’ve been a long time fan of MUJI, long goes the time, when going to London was the excuse to...

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Vodafone Symphonia+

Know more and download soundtrack from the Vodafone New Zealand project page.

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The Dyson Air Multiplier+

I didn’t see it, but when I see I’ll probably react the same way they did: Know more at the...

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Meet WikiReader+

In a world filled with noise and constant interruptions comes a device specifically designed to facilitate your focus. It’s a...

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Clayton Miller’s 10/GIU proposal envisions a possible future interaction model for Desktops: The proposition relies on separation between visual and...

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