Information Architechture

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World Usability Day 2010+

The day is almost over but I’ve hardly close to finish my post about this year’s topic – Communication, so...

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Why newspapers won’t die…+

Today, I’ve picked this image on Igor’s Posterous: first I smiled, but then it came to me, that although this...

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Complexity of our times+

Seeing this today at XKCD reminded me of Steve Johnson book ‘Everything Bad is Good for You‘ and how we’re...

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Open Declaration on European Public Services+

Endorse the Open Declaration! Let’s improve European public services together. On November 19th, the EU governments will meet in Malmo...

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Meet WikiReader+

In a world filled with noise and constant interruptions comes a device specifically designed to facilitate your focus. It’s a...

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Did you know??+

A bit outdated, but always impressive: read more on the ‘SHIFT happens presentation‘.

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