Smartphones: the almost perfect sleep disruptors+

“Sure, we know that screen time right before bed is bad for sleep. And turns out, using your smartphone late...

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The mobile economy in 2013+

The full report presented an interesting view on the current mobile market trends, although very positive it’s impossible not to...

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The couch potato is extinct!+

The infographic by fits as a nice update on my ramblings on the on “The Rise of connected TV...

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The rise of connected TV experience+

Half of all adults which have a smartphone incorporate it into their daily TV viewing experiences

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Mobile Year in Review 2011+

2011 mobile Year in review.

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Immaterials: Turning the invisible visible+

Just got back to Düsseldorf after an amazing weekend in Berlin for the single purpose of attending Cognitive Cities, a...

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RCS-e: Advanced Communications Services+

To learn more about RCS-e, please follow the GSMA RCE website

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