One more day


Blinken Lights+

Two nights ago while returning home we came across a fire brigade fighting a small fire in a nearby building....

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Juicy Internet!+

Don’t really know how we managed, but finally after 17 days living in Germany we managed to have our juicy...

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Morning cycling…+

During the weekend took some time to fully grasp the German rules regarding bicycles! 😀 Found out that I needed...

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Living & Working in Düsseldorf+

Wow… I’ve just had probably the 2 most crazy weeks in my live and all because I was relocating from...

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One ‘blog’ to rule them all!+

Well, it all started with ‘/var/log‘, at some point I was crazy enough to break it into 2 different blogs:...

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Lareira de Domingo+

Depois de alguns dias fantásticos eis que o dia hoje nasceu cinzento, frio e chuvoso como não me lembro, pelo...

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Bordel de Gatos!+

Sim, é verdade, a nossa casa parece-se com o título do post! 😀 Xinhocas, Riquexó e o Mix (Gatos residentes,...

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Tempo Emprestado+

Serei o único a ter a sensação sufocante de que vivemos todos em tempo emprestado, i.e., um pouco como a...

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