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I’ve been following the Microformats project pretty much from the beggining, but we never learn as much from documentation or...

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BarCamp Portugal – What’s next!+

Well, I must confess it was the most refreshing event in Portugal for the last couple of years, and simply...

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Today it’s my birthday! Hip Hip Urray! Happy birthday to me! 🙂

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Reboot has started…+

I’ll try to blog along but I’ll probably take more personal notes rather than actively blog all thats going on.....

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Reboot 8.0+

I’m almost off to Reboot, I leave tomorrow morning to copenhagen together with André. We’re staying with Laurent at the...

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Google Widgets+

Google has just released three new Dashboard widgets for our macs: Blogger: quick and easy Blogger postings; Gmail: gmail inboxes...

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After one night of good sleep, recovering from the yesterday’s night without sleep for the launch of the new release...

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