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Social Now+

Social Now is not a typical event, it presents an unconventionally format, but a very useful ones, with so many...

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Lebewohl Plazes+

Some days ago I’ve received an email from Plazes, it has been a while since we last heard of it....

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5 yrs of Twitter+

Twitter is celebrating 5yrs: And although I can still remember people who said it would never catch up (and now...

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RCS-e: Advanced Communications Services+

To learn more about RCS-e, please follow the GSMA RCE website

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The Conversation Prism+

The art of listening, learning and sharing… Read more here…

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A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits by Doogie Horner+

There’s a whole lot more that your profile picture says about you, than you or I could have imagined 😉...

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Open Government Data Poster+

Ton and James Burke created the Open Government Data Poster to help civil servants decide if and how it is...

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