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©opyright MathTM+

©opyright Math (TM) – a remarkable new field of study based on actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and...

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The couch potato is extinct!+

The infographic by fits as a nice update on my ramblings on the on “The Rise of connected TV...

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The rise of connected TV experience+

Half of all adults which have a smartphone incorporate it into their daily TV viewing experiences

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Land of the free+

Might be related to the fact that I’ve finally watched ‘The Watchment‘ movie yesterday, maybe the geek side in me,...

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Riding my Segway in Lisbon+

I confess that my daily commuting has been somehow different, since I bought my Segway last October. But it was...

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Das Leben Der Anderen+

I don’t recall ever writing about the movies I see on this blog, which is kind of weird considering I...

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I don’t yet know the end of the plot, but as far as the last aired episode, Heroes is by...

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