Hello Dubai!+

Hello Dubai! Hello Cayan Tower! Hello 48th floor! 😀 After (just) 42 nights, 5 hotels and living out of 2...

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Call for UX Freelance Designers (Düsseldorf)+

Looking for up to 5 new freelance designers to join our UX team at Vodafone Germany.

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The Mobile Consumer (2013)+

Nielsen just released their Mobile Consumer Report, it has some interesting facts on how much have changed lately. The most important...

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Google Glass+

Much has been said, imagined and discussed about Google Glass, but this video just captures my imagination with all it’s...

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A Day Made of Glass (2)+

I like this video and I like the touchscreen based interactions in it, do you? With iPhone 4, Apple showed...

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Androp Animatronic Toys+

I’m getting a fan of the japanese band Androp but not necessarely for their music, which I like but I...

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The iEconomy+

NYT labels it the “iPhone Economy“, but truth been told this is not an Apple or iphone specific problem… In...

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Thank you Steve+

It’s very hard to make people truly understand the rightness in this words, I wouldn’t say that you would need...

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