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Contextual Knowledge in Design+

Everytime that I sit down to design or review a product or service presentation, I often ask what what do...

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What do you want people to feel?+

Apple WWDC 2013 keynote intro video was an ode to technological achievement, a company vision of perfection, a celebration of...

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Simplicity sells – David Pogue (2006)+

Oldy and yet so couldn’t be more timely today…

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Alto by AOL+

I have to confess that I’m refreshingly surprised of how cool and clean the Alto Mail interface looks like. Mail...

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Experience is the “NEW” Product (Video)+

The official video from my presentation last month at the NEXT Service Design conference in Berlin. The slides are available...

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Customers Vs Users+

Last week I picked up a post from Jack Dorsey (founder of both Twitter and Square) in which Jack advises...

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Experience is the “NEW” Product+

UPDATE: the video of the presentation is now available here. We’ve been riding on a wave of consumerism since the...

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wi-GO is a project aimed to building a barrier-free society, it’s a robot system based on Microsoft sensor technology Kinect,...

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World Usability Day 2010+

The day is almost over but I’ve hardly close to finish my post about this year’s topic – Communication, so...

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