Robots @ School+

A few years back while I got a glimpse or better written I was remembered how the younger versions of...

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wi-GO is a project aimed to building a barrier-free society, it’s a robot system based on Microsoft sensor technology Kinect,...

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Customer Journey Canvas in Portuguese+

Developed by Marc Stickdorn and Jakob Schneider the Customer Journey Canvas is a nice tool described and used in their...

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Things of yesterday…+

After seeing this, can’t help but to wonder how things will be in 10 years (heck even just in 5)....

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World Usability Day 2010+

The day is almost over but I’ve hardly close to finish my post about this year’s topic – Communication, so...

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Attention Span & Peripheral Vision by Ford+

A few months ago, Ford unveiled the new eco-friendly instrument cluster called the SmartGauge in some of it’s new hybrid...

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How much of your page goes unnoticed?+

You’ll find a lot of literature and best practices when searching for answers on what goes beneath the fold of...

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World Usability Day Charter+

Today it’s the World Usability Day, this year’s theme is ‘Designing for a Sustainable World’, a theme that’s particular personal...

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Clayton Miller’s 10/GIU proposal envisions a possible future interaction model for Desktops: The proposition relies on separation between visual and...

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