Trends in interface design
from hierarchical to centered
statical to adaptive
paging to zooming
gui to nui

hierarchical to centered
new software technologies
processing, flash, silverlight, ajax, etc.
broader bandwidth
rich media, real time interaction, rich user experiences
smarter technologies
styles of interaction
innovation enablers

shift in website paradigm
hierarchical organizations
homepages -> subpages -> subpages -> … -> endpages
organization isn’t natural it’s enforced behavior
people act and reason based on chaos
organization is different and extrapolated from the chaos

statical to adaptive websites
amazon as the example of a very statical website in terms
webpages vs web-interfaces
adaptive interfaces

paging to zooming
so gui’s

gui to nui
the shift from graphical user interfaces to natural user interfaces
why the mouse will eventually die
indirect manipulation device
tangible interfaces
ms surface
tui – tangile interfaces
lens, tray, instrument, phandle, picon
gestures dictionaries
cultural changes

absolutely immaterial ?

‘imagination is more important than knowledge’ – albert einstein


designers must gather multi interface knowledge
designers more as artists and less as engineers
art vs formal

dynamic reporting
getting realtime usage information