‘it’s getting to the point where drowning in information but starving for knowledge’ – Peter Norvig

online vs offline – is it real important?
24/7 presence
ambient devices

1. the internet eat your lunch
get inter-connected. go local

2. are we paying for attention?
multitasking, different interfaces and devices
pervasive devices
quintessence your product
think accessibility, play interdependency

3. the Iphone
not much about phones, but all about mobile internet
think about 7:52:365

isn’t about the internet it’s all about touch

4. here, here and everywhere
people are always ‘side loading’ content, across devices
think portable, better be a utility
don’t think toys. make play, own time

5. Don’t forget what you do know
the consumer isn’t always right
user centered interfaces/devices
think that works

6. Get rich quick
enhanced interactivity
high speed connections
think storytelling, snacking, being on air
no only about rich interfaces
think collectible. think desirable. be decedent.

7. the editor strikes back
ugc can be woeful, but don’t neglect or turn your back on communities/content
think ‘get back in the game’

8. the new bespoke
individual experiences
consider new competitors, think artifact and individualism

9. Location, location, location
mashups with maps, virtual earth
less and less about gps… more about any phone
consider proximity, think geo-marketing

10. Date Me
the value of ugc is evolving again
people are enable to control ‘who market me’ how to engage young people…
social spaces and marketing
mutual benefits exist?
think c2b. Real time hand raisers. As see in window

11. real local area networking
local groups
local networks

13. are you mucking about
don’t think, play