by Craig R. McClanahan

what we all like about rails

clean model/view/controller
leverage extensibility of ruby language
incredibly productive way to build traditional server side webapp
little ajax icing on the cake

is that all there is?

traditional server side app are still common
but there is an accelerating trend…
web 2.0
next generation web

three tier architectures

rich internet apps
server side mashups
highly scaled apps

plugins with common characteristics

why does this plugins only apply in a two tier architecture

plugins that get it right

(get your favorite representations here)
make_resourceful plugin

plugins should be agnostic to underlying model functionality

what to see and o in berlin (and at home)

rails framework developers
ActiveResource needs a little love
but the framework is evolving just fine
rails extenders
leverage duck typing to provide functionality without assuming an underlying base class
developers using rails:
look for opportunities to expose app content as services (REST if you can, SOAP if you must)
thing of app as internal mashups no monoliths