Bali being Bali 🌴🌺🔞 #bali #indonesia #pool #villa #balivilla #balilife #skinnydipping @ Canggu

Bali being Bali 🌴🌺🔞

#bali #indonesia #pool #villa #balivilla #balilife #skinnydipping @ Canggu

Author: pedrocustodio

I’m an internationally recognized as passionate product and services developer, with a strong focus on usability & user experience. I thrive to be accomplished in ‘all things online’, from concepts, wireframes as well as the the actual nitty-gritty details on how things get optimally implemented. I’m well respected in the field of usability both for my passion, expertise but also an open attitude towards knowledge sharing which lead me to deliver multiple training and teaching courses in different occasions and conferences. My passion to facilitate and motivate organisations to design meaningful products and services, carefully curating for their user experiences. I’m a natural ‘Starter’ and community engager, having been instrumental in the origin of the Portuguese Usability Professionals Association as well SHiFT - Social and Human Ideas For Technology conference. I hold a degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST, Lisbon, Portugal).

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